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Mission & Vission

GAM Chartered University College offers industry-focused programs designed to reflect market trends. We attract the most talented and ambitious candidates from whole countries, and works together with its corporate partners to develop programs structured with an up-to-date and international perspective in mind.

GAM Chartered University College are the destination of choice for Academic qualifications like HSC, BBA, MBA, and Professional qualification ACCA, CIMA study with some of the country's leading Public / Private Universities tutors, the award-winning "InterActive" platform, flexible programs and life-changing dual programs opportunities.

GAM Chartered University College cultivate an ethos in which student can learn, grow, succeed. We don't stop at providing total Academic BBA/MBA and Professional qualification CIMA/ACCA exam success. Our approach focuses on offering everything you need to succeed in your BBA/MBA and FD(FIA), ACCA, CIMA tuition, and your career as an Academic as long as professional qualified Chartered Accountant.

We also provide work placements and networking events through our global corporate partners, as well as extra qualifications (BSc (Hon's) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes Universities, MBA-from LSBF UK) and skills training to take your career further.

Primary Planning

GAM CUC, like every other private university, is embedded in a social political and economic context in which our goals and aspirations must be tempered by the realities of the environment. Thus, in developing our Ten-year strategic plan, we have to consider not only the voices of our College community and the surrounding area but also the external realities that we will be confronting in the next Ten years. We may consider the following assumptions:

Firstly: demanding for greater accountability and transparency will require us to do a better job of measuring what we do and the impact that we have on our students and others.

Secondly: technological advances and changing student demands will continue to impact those we serve as well as what, where, when, and how we serve them.

Thirdly: concern over university affordability will further increase public pressure to keep tuition low and increase need-based financial aid (waiver).

Fourthly: competition for well-prepared students will continue to increase, requiring further investments in marketing, student recruitment and innovative instructional design.

Finally: Increasing globalization will require the university to become more international in scope as we prepare our students for the world in which they will live and work.

Long-Term Planning

Our new ten-year strategic priorities are organized around six major themes:

construction of our main campus, develop talent increase student engagement in learning, ensure academic quality and engage in effective country's stewardship, better facilities for teachers and residential facilities for girl students.

To accomplish our major priorities we will need to better position ourselves to recruit and retain outstanding faculty and staff, increase public awareness of the College, expand our financial and capital assets, and increase institutional effectiveness by implementing a comprehensive planning and performance system. These goals are reflected in the six supporting priority areas that follow the strategic priorities.

You get everything you need to achieve complete exam and career success with GAM CUC. This includes our:

Highly Qualified and Experienced Tutors

We employ full and part time tutors from Public & Private Universities for their specialist expertise, experience, enthusiasm and their ability to make difficult problems appear easy. They provide our students with the tools they need to adapt and excel in a complex and constantly changing world.

Pass Guarantee Scheme

The Pass Guarantee Scheme gives you the peace-of-mind and confidence that you will pass in your ACCA & CIMA exams. However, in the unlikely event of failure in the paper, with our guarantee you will be able to attend a free re-sit course or a free revision classes at the next available sitting at no extra cost.

Career services

The GAM CUC’s career services include individual help from highly-trained advisers in our Career and Career Development Matrix. We will recruit staffs from our Career Development Matrix.

Immigration Counselling

We do free immigration counselling for students from any educational institution and other counselling Visa services like Visit, Work Permit, Settlement and British Passport.

Credit Transfer

we will have credit transfer facilities of our students to UK to our listed institutions say for CIMA/ ACCA we will transfer credit to London School of Business Finance(LSBF), Kaplan, BPP( for example one of our student say, have completed 12 papers and remaining 6 he/she can do in UK only he/shi has to pay tuition fees say LSBF offered for 6 papers at £3,000 (ACCA+FD 18 papers same as CIMA we don't charges before & after VISA and we also help to get admission in different institutions in UK like Birmingham City University, Aston University, University of Birmingham etc.